How to create a fake ID on Instagram

A hacker has successfully used the Instagram app to create an account with a fake social media handle and fake physical education credentials, allowing him to bypass all the security measures on Instagram’s site.

The hacker, who goes by the name of ‘Viktor’ and has a history of hacking social media sites, posted a series of fake profiles on Instagram.

The account is now locked, and anyone who tries to log in will be redirected to a page that asks for their Instagram username and password.

‘I’m not really a social media guy,’ said the hacker, in a statement provided to CoinDesk.

‘What I really like about social media is that it lets you communicate with people and you can share things that you would like people to know about you, so I can really create a profile that is believable and I don’t need to have a profile at all.’

The hacker created a fake account with the name ‘Vigaboy’, and it has a fake Instagram profile photo, as well as a few other images.

‘My goal was to get people to look at me as a real person,’ said Viktor, who claimed to have an Instagram account with over 50,000 followers.

‘This is the first time in my life that I was actually able to do this, so it’s definitely worth a try.’

He claimed to also have some personal information about himself, such as a phone number.

‘If anyone would like to get involved in the investigation and help me figure out who I am, that would be great,’ he said.

‘But it’s probably best if I don.

I’m not a social medium.’

Viktor has previously been linked to other attacks on Instagram, and he was arrested in 2015.

‘Vigilante’ profile, 2017 Viktor is currently residing in Russia, and according to the profile description, he ‘worked as a security researcher for a private company’ for ‘many years’.

He claims to have spent some time on the Russian military’s cyberwarfare unit in the 1990s.

‘In the early 2000s I started working as a consultant for a major Russian defense contractor.

After I retired from the company in 2003, I became a consultant again, this time working for the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB), which is an intelligence agency,’ he wrote in the profile.

‘After I left the company, I took a position with a private firm that was based in Moscow.

I’ve been working as an analyst for the FSB since 2011, and I’m currently a consultant on several projects for foreign entities.’

Vikton was arrested for hacking a Twitter account in June 2017, and was later sentenced to 12 months in prison.

He was also sentenced to two years in prison for hacking Instagram in May 2017, which he admitted to.

‘The reason I’m doing this is to try to figure out what social media companies do to protect their users,’ he added.

‘They should be very good, because it means you can create an elaborate and highly sophisticated attack that doesn’t require any human interaction at all, and is almost completely undetectable by humans.’

Vikter’s Instagram account, 2017 This year, Viktor added his own profile, claiming to be ‘Vagaboy’.

‘I am currently living in Moscow and working on a project for an NGO.

I am also an expert on Russian cyber security,’ he posted.

‘Please contact me for any questions regarding the investigation.’

In a statement to CoinDash, a spokesperson for Instagram said: ‘We do not comment on individual accounts.

We are actively investigating this incident.

We’re monitoring the situation and will provide updates as they become available.’

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