‘I have the right to choose: Teacher job seekers get a voice

Physical education teacher job seekers, including those who had to quit the profession for lack of money, will be given a voice in the education system.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday said it has made the first step towards giving them a voice through a move that has been opposed by a large number of teachers.

The move comes at a time when the teachers’ union has called for the resignation of all former teachers and has accused the government of not protecting the rights of those who have quit the field.

The BJP government has said it will take a tough stand against the opposition.

The CBSE has already set up a committee of experts on the subject of career migration and training of teachers in the current climate, which will be headed by former chief secretary to the chief minister of Haryana, Suresh Kumar Gupta.

The move is also likely to lead to a move to amend the state’s law that gives the states authority to grant permanent resident status to former teachers.

Gupta, who is also a member of the Congress party, has said that the government is not following the right direction on the issue.

The former chief minister has been vocal against the CBSE’s move and called on the central government to act against the union.

The committee will include representatives of teachers and their unions.

Gupta has also written to the Prime Minister to urge him to take the necessary steps to ensure that such a move is taken.

In January, the union and the government had come out in support of giving former teachers permanent resident visas, saying it would help the education sector in the state.

The union, however, has since come out against giving them permanent residency.

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