Palestinian parents complain to CA school about physical education instruction

Parents of a Palestinian girl who has suffered a concussion after being taken out of a physical education class at a Los Angeles public school complained Monday to the California Department of Education and the California State Board of Education over what they say is a deliberate and malicious interference with their daughter’s education.

The California Department for Education and California State Boards of Education both issued statements on the matter.

In the first, the Department of Elementary Education in the state’s largest school district said the incident was not an accident and that the school would not remove the student from the classroom and would continue to provide physical education in the future.

In its statement, the department noted that the child had been placed in the “Special Learning” class last year.

“The district will not allow this child to return to the classroom,” the department said.

In response, the school district’s parent group issued a letter to parents in which they called the suspension “unacceptable.”

The letter also said that the district did not inform parents that the student had been in the special learning class and that she was to be kept away from the school for a period of six weeks.

The school district was also asked to provide an update by March 9 on the status of the child, according to the letter.

The letter said that parents were also concerned about the possibility of additional disciplinary action against the student.

The Department of Schools in Los Angeles is also investigating the matter and will make a decision on the case within 90 days, the letter said.

The Los Angeles Times reported that parents of the student, known only as Misha, had complained to the state Education Department and the state board of education last month after being told by officials that the teacher who was supervising the student during the class was not in the building and had told the parents that their child had a concussion.

The student’s parents had complained about the teacher to the department on several occasions, the newspaper said.

It was not immediately clear why the teacher was in the school.

The Times said the California department of education declined to respond to questions about the case, saying it was an internal matter.

The teacher who suspended the student is being questioned by authorities.

“We are working to determine if there was a deliberate, malicious and illegal act that was conducted by this teacher and whether there were any other reasons why this teacher was suspended,” a Department of Public Instruction spokesman said in a statement.

The state Education Board did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The child’s parents said the teacher had previously been reprimanded by the department of schools for using excessive force in the past.

A video of the incident released by the Department for Elementary Education on Monday shows the teacher pushing the child against a wall as she screams in pain.

The girl was taken to the hospital after her teacher slammed her head into the wall and threw her against the wall, the teacher’s attorney said in the letter to the board.

The department of public instruction said in its statement that it was reviewing the department’s response.

The statement also said the district was working to ensure that the health and safety of the children attending the school was maintained, and that disciplinary action would be taken if any other violations were found.

“It is a concern for all parents of students in special education that their children may be harmed, including physical harm,” the statement said.

“Special education students are especially vulnerable to the effects of concussion.”

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