Physical education report finds few physical education improvements

WASHINGTON — Physical education programs in the U.S. are struggling to keep up with demand, a new report shows.

Physical Education Director Michelle Kneebone said she and her staff are working hard to improve how teachers prepare students for physical education, but the problem is becoming a national concern.

The report by the National Association of State Physical Educators (NASPE) is the first in the country to assess the state of physical education programs.

The report looked at how physical education training was being developed across the country.

“This is an issue that is very difficult to solve and I think the national leaders are failing in their responsibilities to this issue,” Kneemones said.

More than 80 percent of teachers are required to be certified in physical education.

In New York, the certification rate is 80 percent.

The NASPE said the state’s physical education certification rate had increased to 83 percent by 2020.

Its report says the average teacher training course cost in New York is $60,000.

NASPE president and CEO Michelle M. Kneede said states have had to invest billions of dollars to improve their physical education curricula, but that the problem has gotten worse over the last five years.

The states are spending millions on new programs and training, but schools are also losing out on critical time with their physical educators, Kneedes said.

In New York State, for example, the NASPE estimates that physical education curriculum needs more than $3.5 billion in spending by 2020 to make it up to a level of physical instruction that the state can meet.

That’s because physical education teachers in New Jersey and Connecticut are required by law to have a physical education diploma and certification.

The state’s certification rate in 2020 is 77 percent, according to the NASPA.

New York’s certification and education programs have become more focused on the basics of physical activity.

For example, New York requires teachers to take 10 physical education classes per week and train students in aerobic fitness, sports, and dance.

Knee health is not taught in those classes, according a spokesman for New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo.

In Florida, the state has the most physical education certified teachers in the nation.

Florida’s certification rates are 71 percent.

In Pennsylvania, which is second in the state for physical instruction, there are almost no physical education instructors.

In Pennsylvania, there is a 1 percent drop in physical educators in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Pennsylvania’s certification program has seen its number of physical educators drop from nearly 400 in 2012 to less than 300 in 2020.

KNEEBAYNE said she was optimistic the state would be able to meet its physical education goal of making physical education a core part of a teacher’s job.

She said it’s hard to know how long that will take, but she hopes it will happen soon.

“I think it’s time that people were taught the basics,” KNEEBONE said.

“I think physical education has really grown over the past decade, and it’s a lot of fun and a lot for kids to do, so I think that’s the right thing to do.”

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