Swastikas have been put up across the city to celebrate ‘national unity’ in a ‘national’ effort

NEW DELHI: Swastika symbols have been installed in cities across the country, which are part of a ‘National Unity’ initiative by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

The symbols, which have been posted on billboards across the nation, were seen by VHP workers as a gesture of unity in the face of recent political violence in India.

The posters also displayed a picture of VHP leader Ramachandra Guha, who has been in jail for nearly a year, with a Swastikhic inscription across the bottom of his chest, according to The Hindu newspaper.

The VHP, which is one of India’s largest religious groups, has long demanded the removal of Swastikeas from government buildings and government buildings in India, arguing that they are symbols of hate.

The VHP says the symbols are part-and-parcel of a broader initiative to promote Hinduism, which it considers to be a “modern religion”.

India has a total of 11.5 million Swastikes.VHP leader Prabhat Agarwal told The Hindu that the move was part of efforts to ensure “national unity”.

“It is an attempt to show the state of mind of the people, to show that there is a real commitment to the country and the state,” Agarwalsaid.

He added that the posters were part of the ‘Swastika awareness’ campaign.

“This campaign has also been designed for people to come together and be aware of the real national unity in our country,” he said.

The campaign was launched by the VHP on Friday, a day after two women were stabbed to death in Uttar Pradesh, a state where the Vhatu Parishad has its headquarters.

In the aftermath of the attack, BJP state president Purushottam Veerappa Moily called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare a day of national mourning.

He also urged the government to “remove the swastika from government premises”.

India’s Supreme Court has ordered the removal, saying that the symbols were “not in accordance with the law”.

The symbols have also been taken down from government offices.

The Hindu has contacted the Vidyutta Parishad in Uttarakh for comment.

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