Physical education mandatory for students in UK schools

Physical education is compulsory for all primary and secondary school students in the UK.

It includes physical education classes, physical education instruction, physical exercise, physical rehabilitation, and physical education coaching.

It can also be done by a specialist team of teachers, and it has been compulsory for some time. 

In England, it is compulsory to include physical education as part of the curriculum for the 2020-21 school year, though in Scotland, the standard is different, as there is no compulsory physical education for primary and primary secondary pupils.

In Wales, it’s compulsory for primary secondary and some secondary school pupils in England.

However, in Wales, physical fitness and physical rehabilitation are not included in physical education.

Physical education for secondary school is compulsory in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but in Wales and Northern England it’s voluntary, meaning that physical education students are able to take part in physical activities, including gym, fitness and fitness coaching. 

In 2017, the Welsh government introduced a new set of physical education and physical fitness policies to the Welsh National Assembly.

It sets out the requirements for physical education in primary and intermediate schools and sets out specific requirements for those classes for the 2018-19 school year. 

Read more about physical education:  In 2018, Wales implemented a compulsory physical fitness program, and in 2019, the UK government announced that the Welsh Government would be implementing a compulsory, mandatory, and non-exemptionary physical fitness policy.

Wales and the UK are the only countries in the EU that have not yet implemented such a policy. 

What is compulsory physical exercise?

Physical exercise is an activity in which people are physically active in order to lose weight. 

 Physical activity is defined as physical activity involving running, walking, swimming, lifting, and balance.

It’s often used as an excuse to lose excess weight and improve health. 

Physical exercise can be as simple as lifting a heavy object up, or as complex as working out with weights, running, cycling, or swimming. 

Why does physical education require physical activity?

Physical education teachers must be able to teach physical fitness, as well as physical fitness coaching and physical health, to students. 

It is important to note that physical fitness is an individual skill, so the physical fitness required for a job may not be the same as a physical fitness qualification or certification. 

How do physical education teachers and physical therapists work?

Physical educators and physical therapist are two of the most recognised occupational categories in the profession. 

Both of these professions are employed in schools, and they are expected to be physically active to help students gain a healthy body mass index (BMI). 

Physical educators teach physical education to students, and students are expected, by virtue of their age, to gain weight and build muscle. 

The physical education teacher or physical therapist must be physically fit, and be able both to lift and to balance.

Physical educators must also be physically able to talk and listen to the needs of students.

Physical teachers and therapists also need to be able and willing to work in an environment where they feel comfortable and at ease. 

Do physical education training courses need to meet physical fitness requirements?

Yes, physical educators must be fit and able to work within the physical activity and physical wellbeing goals for their job.

However there are many physical education courses that do not have to be physical education-based.

They are designed to support students to build healthy habits and manage stress, so there is a clear distinction between physical education course and physical activity course. 

Where can physical education trainees go to find a physical activity class?

Physical training courses may be held in schools across the UK, although it varies widely across different schools.

There are some schools that have a large number of physical training courses, and some have a smaller number.

Some schools also have a larger number of sports and physical activities classes, as they offer more than just physical fitness. 

For more information, check out our What are the different types of physical activity training courses? 

 There are a variety of physical exercise training courses offered to teachers.

Some of these courses can be used to teach a wider range of subjects, while others may focus on specific health and fitness issues. 

These are the types of training courses that physical educators may be able to take part in: Physical education and fitness courses, physical education coaching, physical health and wellbeing coaching, and physical fitness coaching . 

Are physical education coaches and physical therapy professionals required to take physical fitness training?


The Department of Education (DfE) advises that physical activity coaches and physio therapists who are working in schools and who have been physically fit for at least two years must take at least six months’ worth of physical fitness coursework, and that physical health practitioners and physical educators should be physically capable of working at least 12 hours per week. 

Is physical education required to be part of a physical education curriculum?

No, physical educational training is not required to teach

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