How to train your dog to sit down

The physical education teacher at your local elementary school could be in a class of his own.

He’s training his dog to learn to sit and stand.

The dog, named Big Brother, is one of dozens of dogs in the U.S. military’s Dog Training Corps.

The program is part of the Defense Department’s “Active Dog” program, which is designed to train the dogs to become better hunters and more obedient companions.

“I’m training him to be a hunting dog, but he’s also a dog handler and that’s a big part of that,” said James Brown, who works at a training center in Virginia.

He’s also training him on the physical training.

“We’ve got to be able to teach him to use his body, to be strong and fast and have the strength to fight, that’s the way he needs to be trained,” Brown said.

“It’s really hard for a dog to just sit down and relax.”

Dogs and humans can be trained to do almost anything, including go for walks, go running and run on treadmills.

Brown says the training program is focused on getting Big Brother to sit in a chair, to stand up and to get comfortable with his new position.

“His physical needs are pretty much the same,” Brown explained.

The military is trying to make the dogs more obedient and capable of handling other people and other animals.

“In the military, we’ve got dogs that are trained for the job of a handler and a handler for the work of a dog,” Brown added.

“And we’ve also got dogs trained for an elite military task force.”

Brown and other trainers have to train dogs in an extremely limited amount of time, but they say that’s not the case with the Dog Training Corp.

The program is meant to be as brief as possible, so dogs don’t have to be taught to do more than one task at a time.

And the dogs have to work well with people in the program, too.

Brown said he’s not training a puppy.

He has been working with the dogs since the start of the program and he said they are very happy with how they’re performing.

Brown has been doing this program for more than 10 years, and he’s now in his fifth year.

“So far we’ve had a couple of hundred dogs, and it’s really amazing, they’re just fantastic dogs,” Brown told ABC News.

“It’s just wonderful to see them perform so well.”

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