Physics Education Grants, Physical Education Complex

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The Smithsonian Astrometry Research Facility will receive additional grants to further develop its Earth-observing satellites and a space observatory that will conduct long-term, Earth-based surveys of the oceans.

The Science Center of the National Institutes of Health will receive funds to support the development of an educational outreach program to encourage research students to pursue a career in science.

The Science Museum of Alabama will receive an additional $100K to develop an online, interactive science museum and support the advancement of its science collection, with the goal of creating a place where students can access the world’s most significant collections of science and mathematics.

The National Science Foundation will award $100M for research into the effects of the Zika virus on human health.

The money will be used to develop new tests to determine whether Zika is a public health risk, and the funding will support the implementation of mosquito-control measures and education campaigns.

The Smithsonian National Museum will receive another $100 million to support its collections, exhibitions, and programs.

The funds will help support the Smithsonian’s collection of biological and biomedical specimens and the Smithsonian Center for Human Origins, which includes the Smithsonian Institution’s human genetics, the Institute of Medicine, the American Museum of Art, and other important institutions and institutions.

The National Center for Science Education will receive a grant to further expand its science curriculum.

The Center for Environmental Health will use $40M to establish a new laboratory in partnership with the National Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

The American Association of Physical Educators will receive one additional $500,000 to support programs in physical education and physical education skills development for high school students in rural communities.

The Natural History Museums in Florida, the Virginia Tech University, and Virginia will receive the same $500M for STEM science programs.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York will receive grants to develop a new program of community education, which will include a center to promote science literacy in the community.

The program will be led by an academic leader who will be a former New York City Mayor and will address the needs of the communities and families it serves.

The Rockefeller Foundation will receive up to $1.8B to support a research program that will help address the world hunger crisis and provide emergency food aid to millions of people.

The Food Trustees will receive more than $1B for these projects.

The University of Michigan will receive support for STEM education through a $100.7M grant to establish the STEM Initiative, a comprehensive research program to develop and test new scientific concepts, techniques, and tools for understanding and mitigating global health challenges.

The Department of Energy’s Office of Science will receive funding to support STEM training and development for young people across the nation.

The Office of Management and Budget will support programs to strengthen STEM education, support students in STEM careers, and increase opportunities for students who want to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will receive several additional $2B to help the U.S. Navy maintain its operational capability and expand its marine research capabilities.

The funding will be for the Navy’s Advanced Development and Operations Capabilities Program, and will include technology-based research initiatives, ship design and development, and support for the science research programs.

In addition to these programs, the

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