How to get physical education teachers in schools

2.1k Teachers who teach physical education in schools report having no direct impact on students physical health.

The researchers found that teachers’ perceived benefits and harms on physical health were almost the same as what would be expected based on the teacher’s experience, with a modest increase in physical health for teachers who were physically active compared to those who did not teach physical-education-related subjects.

The authors also noted that physical education teaching is not associated with an increased incidence of obesity or type 2 diabetes.

1.6k Teachers with no direct impacts on students physically health were found to be: More likely to be male, older, more educated, have less experience teaching physical education, have higher levels of family income, have more than a bachelor’s degree, and be more likely to report having a professional background in physical education.

The study included a total of 4,822 teachers in primary and secondary schools.

It was published in Physical Education Research and Practice.

Physical education teachers with no positive impact on physical-health outcomes were: Less likely to have been involved in the provision of physical education services to students and teachers, and less likely to work in schools with high levels of bullying and violence.

They were also less likely than teachers who had been physically active to report feeling physically unsafe in schools.

The report noted that there is no evidence that physical-activity training leads to improved physical health, but teachers who receive training may have a better chance of avoiding some of the harmful effects of physical-activism.

The results of the study did not differ by gender, education level, age, race, or ethnicity.

A teacher with no significant positive impact in physical-in-school physical education outcomes was found to: Have a higher level of professional experience than other teachers, who were also more likely than the other teachers to be female, older (median age was 41.5 years, compared to 32.2 years for the teachers with the lowest levels of professional training), more educated (medial-grade teacher and advanced-grade teachers were both between 29 and 34 years old), more likely not to be a registered nurse (medal-grade teaching assistant and advanced teacher were between 23 and 25 years old).

Teachers who reported receiving no direct physical-interventions in their schools were: More than twice as likely to receive physical-stimulation devices in their school compared to other teachers (medians of 1.5 and 1.2 in teachers with and without direct interventions, respectively).

Teachers with direct interventions were: Three times as likely as teachers without direct physical interventions to report using physical activity equipment, such as walking sticks, boards, or crutches in the classroom.

Teachers who were involved in direct interventions reported feeling more physically comfortable, as did teachers who received direct interventions in the physical education curriculum.

Teachers with indirect interventions reported being more likely in the school to experience bullying, and teachers who did NOT receive direct interventions experienced bullying rates lower than those who received such intervention.

The full study is available at

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