How to teach physical education in a world that is physical education-obsessed

The UK government’s new National Physical Education Strategy, released on Thursday, aims to make physical education a major part of its curriculum, with teachers working in partnership with parents and local authorities to make sure pupils get the most up-to-date physical education lessons possible.

But what will parents be able to expect? 

This is a complex question, as it’s hard to predict what will happen to physical education as we move towards the “digital age” and the proliferation of smartphones and social media. 

The government says that parents will be able set their own individual physical education targets, which will need to be met before pupils can be encouraged to take part in physical education classes. 

“Parents will be encouraged through an online guide to help them set their individual physical activity targets, but this will also include suggestions for physical activity that are safe and fun,” the government said.

“Children will be provided with a physical activity calendar so they can track and share their daily physical activity throughout the year.” 

The National Physical Activity Plan aims to give physical education teachers the ability to focus on physical education and the “integrity of school”, with new measures to promote “physical learning” through digital technology. 

According to the government, physical education “will continue to be taught as a core subject for children from primary school through to university”. 

But the new physical education strategy comes after a series of scandals surrounding the use of social media and apps to promote physical education, with many parents reporting concerns about the content of physical education instruction being shared with friends and family. 

While some parents may want to use their own physical education curriculum, others may be wary of the messages being sent by schools about the “benefits” of physical activity.

“We are going to have a conversation around the use and misuse of technology, so I think that the way that we communicate about physical education is going to be very important,” says Michelle Hockley, a principal of the school of physical health at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

What is it about that child that needs to be covered by the curriculum?” “

What is it going to say about a child’s health?

What is it about that child that needs to be covered by the curriculum?” 

The physical education budget is set to be funded by an extra £10 million from the government over the next five years, to ensure it is available to schools to make use of. 

However, the government says the extra money will not cover the cost of teachers to ensure they can “help parents to make the most of physical and cultural education as a way of teaching their children about the physical and mental health aspects of physical exercise”. 

“We have got a lot of schools with very low budgets,” says Fiona Wilson, chief executive of the National Physical Fitness Council.

“We need to invest in our physical fitness teachers and support them so they are working with teachers to make their schools more effective.” 

What parents can expect in physical health? 

The plan does not mention how physical education will be taught in schools.

However, there are a number of proposals in the National Plan that would make physical activity more accessible. 

In addition to making physical activity a major component of schools’ curriculum, the plan promises to introduce a new national physical education resource, which would allow parents to download physical activity information to their mobile phones. 

This could be used to help teachers and schools develop and maintain physical activity programs, including classes that are designed to promote safe and healthy physical activity for all children. 

And the plan says that schools will be asked to implement “physical education activities and activities that have been proven to be safe, fun and can be taken on-the-go”. 

Parents will also be able use physical activity to encourage children to exercise and take part at school and at school events. 

As well as being able to use these activities on their own, teachers will be given the authority to provide support and encouragement to pupils. 

These activities will be designed to help pupils to become “healthy, active and active”, with guidance on how to manage their physical activity levels. 

But parents will not be able see how their children are doing in the classroom. 

That said, the NPA does make a pledge that schools can “take all measures to ensure pupils are able to access their physical and emotional wellbeing, including physical and physical education activities”. 

This includes ensuring that pupils are not forced to participate in activities which they are not comfortable doing, or that they are only allowed to do certain activities when accompanied by a parent or a school visitor. 

For more information on the National Health Service’s physical education plan, click here

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