‘I’m really scared’: ‘We need to do a better job of communicating’

A few weeks after a student was shot in the head at a public school in a Dallas suburb, the school district was facing a crisis of communication and training.

“This is a really tough situation, but I think it’s also a good time to be thinking about what the future holds,” Dallas Independent School District CEO Mark Gierlman told a local news station.

“This is not the time for fear, this is not a time for panic.”

Dallas ISD officials say the shooting in the district’s Elliott Springs Elementary School was the first in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As the shooter is still on the loose, a spokesperson for the district told ABC News that he is being held on $5 million bail.

“He’s a good student,” the spokesperson told ABCNews.

“We do have good plans in place.

I just think he needs to be held accountable.””

We’re all in this together,” said teacher, Dr. Lila Pang, of Elliott Springs.

“You have to get your head together.

We’re all at fault.

We need to be at fault as a community.”

According to the Dallas Police Department, the shooter had been in contact with an individual in the school building and was “acting in a way that he was aware would be disruptive.”

“The individual did contact the school and was in the building and in the hallways,” the police said in a statement.

“At some point, the suspect entered the school hallways and began firing shots at people.”

In an attempt to calm the situation, school board members, the principal, and teachers have convened in a “safety session” at Elliott Springs High School.

The district has placed a “trigger alert” on its social media platforms, and the district has set up a “safe zone” at the school, which is located in the middle of Elliott River Drive.

A police presence has also been increased.

The district has also installed an officer on campus, and staff members are being asked to wear masks.

“We are asking students to keep their distance, not to touch the person and to keep away from any part of the school,” GierLman said.

“If you have any questions, please call the police.”

The shooting at Elliott Spring has sparked an outpouring of support on social media, with some students tweeting about how they were in tears.

“I’m scared.

I’m crying,” one tweeter wrote.

Another tweeter said, “The world is not safe.”

“If you’re in the Elliott Springs School, I’m praying you can all come home safe,” another tweeter added.

“My mom called me today and she’s in tears and she says, ‘I can’t believe we’re in this,'” said one parent.

“She’s got a gun in her purse, she’s got her purse and she needs help,” said another.

Dallas ISDs website has also come under fire, with students writing in and sharing their own experiences.

“The situation is very dangerous,” one teacher told ABC affiliate KDFW.

“The teachers, students, and parents need to step up.”

Another parent told KDFL she was worried about her child and was scared to leave the classroom.

“If it’s not safe, it’s just a bad situation,” she said.

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