Why are you here?

We have been asked this question before but this is the first time we are giving an answer that is actually true.

As well as being an award for those who have been in the public eye, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Engineering & Physical Sciences is an international body that promotes excellence in education.

We recognise the achievements of our alumni and recognise the contributions of our members.

We also recognise that the Academy is a global community, with the UK in the top 10, according to the U.K. Confederation of Engineering Associations (CEA).

The Royal Academy has been recognised by the Government of India as an “honorary profession” for its contribution to the country’s education system.

The Royal Institute of Technology in London, the UCL in London and the Royal Society of Engineering have also been recognized as prestigious honours for their contributions to education.

In the past, students from India and the United Kingdom have been able to attend one of the Academy’s international competitions.

But the Royal Institution of Engineering has recently been working with the Ministry of Education and Skills (MoES) to ensure that all of its graduates, including the Royal Engineers, can continue to compete in these international competitions without a visa.

In a statement to the Guardian, the MoES said it was committed to supporting the Indian Engineering community.

The MoES spokesperson said, “In 2017, the Ministry will work with the Royal Institute to establish a visa regime that will allow India’s students to compete at international competitions for their degrees.

It will also establish a new programme that will provide visas for graduates to continue to study in India.”

India has a long history of producing highly-skilled engineers.

In addition to the Engineering Research Council of India (ERCI), the country also has the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) which produces some of the most advanced technology in the world.

The government has also invested in the TIFR Research Institute.

Last year, the Tata institute was awarded the coveted Gold Medal in Engineering Technology.

It was awarded for “its efforts in engineering research and development, including on advanced bio-inspired technologies for biomedical applications.”

In addition, the institute also won an award in the National Research Council (NRC) for “providing support to research and innovation in India in areas related to the health sector and for research in renewable energy.”

The NRC, the parent body of the MoEs, is an independent non-profit organization that provides support to India’s scientists, engineers and engineers.

The National Institute of Engineering in India, which has a significant research focus in engineering, has also been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for Engineering Technology (GET) for the past three years.

The NII has been awarded a total of over $2.3 billion over the last three years to fund research.

The organisation has also partnered with Tata on the construction of a new National Institute for Biomedical Engineering in Bangalore.

According to the National Council for Advanced Research in Engineering (NCAR) in India’s National Capital Region, which is headed by the former head of the Tata Research Institute, Tata is the world’s leading engineering research firm.

Its research has led to some of India’s most important breakthroughs in science, technology and engineering.

The NCAR has been a recipient of numerous international awards and recognitions including the prestigious Nobel Prize in Economics for its contributions to research in sustainable energy, renewable energy and biotechnology.

The NCAR spokesperson told the Guardian that India is proud of the contributions it has made to engineering and its technology.

“India has always been a major contributor to engineering,” she said.

“We have a very well-educated population and the engineering sector is one of our most important sectors.

We have always had good engineers.”

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