Which school has the best physical education curriculum?

A year ago, we ranked our favorite school in the U.S. for physical education in an article called “10 Schools That Teach Physical Education.”

That list was based on data collected by the American Council on Exercise.

Today, we’re updating the list with 10 schools that offer physical education programs.

(We’re still working on the rankings for schools that don’t offer physical instruction.)

Below, we’ve added our own commentary, providing some insight into the schools that provide the most effective programs for kids and how much they’re paying for them.


UMass Dartmouth College Dartmouth, Mass.

This historically black school is home to one of the country’s top academic centers, and the school’s physical education department is one of America’s best.

Its curriculum includes a full range of science and math topics, including physical education.

The school offers classes in science, physical education and health, and it even offers an advanced class for adults.

In addition, the school offers a physical education certificate program that lets students earn a bachelor’s degree in science and engineering.

Dartmouth also has a $2,500 annual fee for students to take an online physical education course and can earn credit for courses taken in-person.

Students can also use their credits toward their high school diploma.


George Washington University The school’s sports and wellness programs are among the best in the country.

In 2015, the university announced it was giving its students $1,000 toward the cost of a physical therapy internship.

Students must complete a physical fitness program to qualify.


University of Colorado Boulder This school offers the most extensive physical education program in the nation.

The curriculum includes more than 100 physical activities, including an active lifestyle and an exercise class for older students.

It also has physical education classes for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Students who earn a B.S., M.

S, or Ph.

D. in physical education can earn a certificate to help them graduate from college.


University at Buffalo This school has one of North America’s highest rates of college attendance among all schools.

In the fall, it also offers a $1.5 million physical education grant to help students pay for classes.


University and William & Mary This school focuses on sports, but it also has two sports facilities.

In 2016, it opened the William & Marcy Sports Complex and the William Marcy Athletic Complex, which offer the school with an extensive athletic program.

Students earn an undergraduate degree through the sports program.

The university also offers financial aid for students who are pursuing an advanced degree in physical sciences or engineering.


Washington University in St. Louis This school provides high-quality physical education for students of all ages.

The physical education curricula include classes in sports, swimming, gymnastics, and outdoor activity.

The department also offers an intensive physical education certification course that students can use toward their degree.

Students also get credits for a certificate.


University College London Students in this university’s physical learning program can take an elective course that helps them to prepare for the exam.


University University of Chicago The school focuses more on physical education than any other university in the United States.

In 2019, it launched a $500,000 physical education grants program that gives students the chance to earn a master’s degree.


Virginia Commonwealth University This school is located in the center of the UCC, and its physical education is among the nation’s best, with programs in sports and physical education that include a competitive team and team activities.

The schools curriculum also includes an advanced program that students get credits toward completing.


University Medical Center of Philadelphia This university has the largest physical education system in the world.

In 2018, it announced plans to add a physical health center that offers physical therapy, sports and rehabilitation classes and other physical education courses.

The health center also has an advanced physical education diploma program that allows students to earn their bachelor’s in health sciences.

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