Trump says he wants ‘smart’ schools to take on the ‘killer app’ of ‘cognitive computing’

Donald Trump wants smart schools to tackle “killer apps” like artificial intelligence and computerized instruction.

Speaking during a speech at the National Press Club on Tuesday, the GOP presidential nominee said that “schools should be smart” in order to make sure that students are getting the right education.

“When they have smart teachers, they’re going to have better students, they are going to do better,” Trump said.

“And you know what?

They’re going even better.

They’re smarter than they were, they have a much higher IQ.

And they’re better prepared.”

The presumptive GOP presidential candidate has also called for the removal of standardized testing for students, calling it a “travesty.”

Trump has repeatedly called for a nationwide overhaul of the nation’s education system, which is currently dominated by charter schools.

He has also pushed to ban Common Core, a nationwide education standards framework that is meant to ensure that every student receives a high-quality education.

“We are going after the killer app of computerized learning, of standardized tests and the testing of every student,” Trump told the gathering.

“I think that is the greatest threat we have, which we’re going after with education reform.

I think that’s the most important thing we can do for our children.”

The real estate mogul is also considering closing schools to make room for students with disabilities.

Trump’s comments come as the federal government has issued an order requiring schools to allow students with special needs to attend school.

The move comes amid a national push for more school choice and a growing number of states have enacted policies allowing parents to opt out of school or charter schools entirely.

“Our kids need more options, not less,” Trump added.

“We’re not going to allow schools to be a killing machine.

We’re going take care of our kids.”

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