Texas school district to use iPad for physical education sticker campaign

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) The Texas school board is set to adopt a new policy allowing schools to use iPads to track students’ physical education.

The move is aimed at encouraging students to use their devices more in class and to create a more interactive learning environment.

The policy will go into effect July 1.

“We have always been about the students learning,” said board member Tasha Beauregard.

“The iPad has always been one of our great tools, because we have the ability to record, edit, and upload video of our students’ activities and they can then use that to teach.”

The policy will allow students to upload videos of their physical activities, like swimming, cycling, yoga, weight lifting, rowing, and even weight lifting with their iPads.

The devices are also capable of capturing the audio and video of student activity.

The board also is considering a new app that allows students to learn in the classroom with the help of iPads.

The app, called “Tutto,” is intended for students who don’t have the time or resources to download or use their own apps.

The new policy has been opposed by some who say it will only serve to make students feel isolated.

The Texas Tribune reports that the state’s high school students have been using tablets to track their time and grades, while at the same time being distracted by cell phones.

The iPad is a device that’s been used by some in the past to record students’ daily activities, but the device’s use has become increasingly more controversial in recent years, and in recent months, a lawsuit by the Texas Association of Educators over a policy that allowed students to record their own lessons was settled out of court.

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