DCU students who can use Google Glass for classroom physical education: a report

The report, by the DCU’s Center for Education Policy, found that more than 60 percent of students in the school district had heard about Google Glass and could benefit from its use.

The report found that about 80 percent of the district’s students were in the STEM field, and nearly 80 percent had seen an instructional video on the device.

Students in the district can access video on-demand through the district office, through the school’s web-based video portal, or through an online classroom portal, which allows students to access videos directly from the Google Glass headset.

The video portal is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it is available on the DCUs official website.

Google Glass is an augmented reality headset that is available through retailers like Walmart, and it allows students in a classroom to interact with and interact with virtual reality.

The technology allows students the ability to see virtual characters on the screen and interact.

The headset is available for $200.

In addition to the classroom, the DCIU’s report found the district has partnered with the DCUS to offer students with disabilities the ability on-site to use the technology in the classroom.

The report found an increase in the use of the technology and the accessibility of its functionality in the 2017-2018 school year, which is a big improvement from the prior school year when students had access to the technology only via the DCUA’s on-campus VR center.

However, the report found there was an issue with the availability of the VR headsets on the school grounds.

The VR headsets have not been officially approved by the district, but students have had access through the VR centers since their first year of enrollment.

The majority of the students in each classroom used Google Glass on an average of 3.3 times per week in 2017-18, the study found.

The average number of uses per student was 5.8.

The data also found that Google Glass had an impact on physical education curricula.

Students who used the headsets on an everyday basis had a much greater ability to identify and understand physical activity in the home, the research found.

Students were also able to see the effects of the headsets in their classrooms by observing how the headsets could help them learn new skills.

The majority of students had a positive impact on their physical education skills, the researchers found.

The use of Google Glass in physical education increased from 0.7 percent of all students to 3.7 per cent in 2017.

This was an increase of more than 80 percent compared to the previous school year.

The number of students who were in contact with the headsets at the end of the school year was higher in the physical education classes than in the other schools.

The researchers found that the number of times students were able to interact online was higher than the average of the other classes, but was not statistically significant.

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