When you need a refresher on physical education: What you need to know

The US government is giving parents and educators a sneak peek at how physical education research is changing and the science behind it, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

The National Institutes of Health announced it was giving parents a peek into the science of physical education.

“The National Institutes for Health has announced a grant program for educators, parents, and families interested in the science, methods, and outcomes of physical learning,” NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins said in a statement.

“Parents, teachers, and other health care professionals should get ready to hear from researchers, policymakers, and parents about how they can take advantage of the data to make physical education more effective.”

The program, which began with $20 million in funding, will fund studies on physical activity, balance and coordination, as well as how the science can be used to improve physical education curricula, according to the NIH.

Physical education research has been around for decades, Collins said.

The goal is to understand what makes people better and why, and how the right programs can be implemented to help them achieve their goals.

The program also aims to provide parents with an opportunity to hear more about physical education science and technology research and how it can be applied in their communities.

In recent years, scientists and educators have been working together on how physical activity affects brain health, especially among children and young adults.

Researchers have found that physical activity has a beneficial effect on children’s mental health, which is linked to increased brain activity and increased cognitive performance.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is also funding an international research program focused on physical fitness and mental health.

The NIH said its $20.5 million grant will cover the design and development of an educational program on the health benefits of physical activity for schools, which includes students, families, and educators.

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