NASA plans to use a computer to train astronauts

NASA plans on using a computer-based training system for astronauts to use during their two-year time in space, according to a new NASA report.

The report, published on Wednesday, also outlines plans for NASA’s next generation of space station crews, including the development of new training systems for astronauts in the next few years.

NASA plans to begin using a new training system to train crewmembers for the next two years in the same manner as it uses to train its astronauts on Earth, the agency’s human exploration and operations division director, Steve Strom, said during the briefing.

The training system is to be developed by NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Research Laboratory, or HAL, which is tasked with developing and testing human exploration technology and spaceflight hardware, Strom said.

The report also outlines new plans for the human exploration system, including new software that will allow astronauts to interact with the system in real time, the ability to track the station’s progress and an automated training system that will train crew members to fly in the future.

The first crewed mission of the new system, called the “Mission Manager,” is expected to begin in 2020.

A second mission, the “Crew Leader,” is scheduled to be launched in 2022.

The human exploration program is expected, Strome said, to help the space agency improve its ability to carry out missions in low-Earth orbit.

NASA also hopes to use the human development program to improve its spacecraft design, design capabilities, and capability for future missions, the report says.

Strom did not provide a timeline for the new systems launch.

“The new training technology that we’re developing is not the next generation for training for crew, but we are trying to improve the technology and the training experience to enable crew to train in the new mission management system,” Strom told reporters.NASA will launch the first crew of the space station in 2022, the same year as the first manned mission to the station.

The first manned crew is scheduled for launch in 2024.

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