Why is the VCE exam hard?

The VCE Physical Education Certification Exam has become a headache for the thousands of medical students who took the test in recent years.

There are concerns that the exam will have difficulty passing the standards and may have to be revised.

The Department of Education and Training is currently conducting a survey to better understand the exam’s needs and will be releasing more information as it comes.

The survey, conducted by the Department of Physical Education, was released on Monday.

The first part of the survey asks about students’ attitudes towards the exam.

Students say they would like the exam to be more challenging, but it’s also said that they would be happy to pass the exam if they can pass it on their own.

Those who say they have not passed the exam on their individual strengths and would be willing to pass it by their own strength will be included in the second part of a survey.

A second part, which focuses on attitudes towards physical education teachers and the profession, will be released in a month.

The department has already released a draft version of the questionnaire and the survey, which will be used to identify areas for improvement.

The second survey will also be used as a tool for the VEA to improve the exam so that students can pass on their strengths to future generations.

The questionnaires will be made available to all medical students in December.

With the release of the draft questionnaire, the department hopes to get feedback on the survey and make changes to improve it.

It’s unclear if any changes will be implemented immediately.

With this survey, the Department has given the industry a chance to respond to what’s being asked.

Many of the questions focus on students’ concerns and how they feel about the exam itself.

However, it’s unclear whether there will be a change to the questionnaire for the next survey.

Many people who took their VCE physical education exams in 2016 or 2017 have said that the physical education exam is a hassle and a headache.

Some students have even said they don’t want to take the exam at all.

But this is also a subject where the department and industry needs to work together to make sure that the questions are fair and that they’re inclusive.

If the survey results are good, the VE will look at making some changes to the exam in order to make it easier.

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